What are the types of Environmental Testing?

There are many categories of environmental testing; but, with Preferred Environmental Solutions we concentrate on the Indoor Air Quality of your Home or Business. We currently specialize in the following types of testing for Indoor Air Quality:

  • Mold Testing
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Lead Paint Testing
  • Methamphetamine Testing
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Allergen Testing (like dog, cat, mice, dust mites, etc.)

All samples are properly collected and categorized on a form that is signed by the inspector and client. It is then sealed in an express package to be delivered to an accredited laboratory. Once the samples have been analyzed by the laboratory, they will provide us with a written report, charting and describing the results.

Upon receiving the results from the laboratory, we will provide you with a letter that describes the results that exonerates the existence of any elevation of microbial such as black mold or any pollutant activity. Also, you will be provided with a report of our findings that include pictures and notes of what we had taken during our initial inspection. We can use thermal imaging and video "snaking" behind walls or in ventilation supply lines, if necessary.

If the results of the tests are unfavorable, we will provide you with an estimate to establish the best suited plan of action that we believe should be followed to get your home's environment back to normal. Whether it is an insurance claim or out-of -pocket expense, our pricing meets the needs of the client to get their home or business environment corrected.

We care about the safety of you and your loved ones. Contact us at (850) 235-0270 in Florida and (770) 968-4200 in Georgia & Alabama to schedule an environmental testing. We proudly service the surrounding areas from Panama City to Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

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